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Our Federal client wants us to provide SBOM from SAS for the SAS Viya 4 software.  This seems to be a new requirement mandated by the current administration (Executive office of the President - Office of Management and Budget).  The SBOM has to be generated in a specific format using specific tools.  Our client is insisting that SBOM report be presented by SAS before we are cleared to start deployment of SAS Viya 4.     SAS presented an SBOM that was rejected by our client security team because it did not meet the executive order mandate.  This has become a showstopper for us.  SAS said they have not received this request from any of their SAS Viya 4 clients.  We just want to know if any Accenture teams are deploying SAS Viya 4 for any Federal clients and how they have handled this SBOM request from your clients as a Federal mandate




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