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Calcite | Level 5

Hello all.


I got an error which drives me nuts.


Error:TK Could not Initialize.

:Log4SAS: Extension Failure

:Error at Location: tkl4sas


Note: Search parth User to locate Images


:X:\Programm Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\core\sasext\


I cant start base sas or sas eg.

Always the sam error occurs.


So i have tried to uninstall sas somehow. No chance...

The deployment manager kicks me out with no specific error message, just somethin like "there is an error..."


I have tried to install sas on a new SASHOME with setup.exe -changesashome.

Gettin this error


And when  i try to start the SAS Download Manager, i get the same error like shown above.


So i cant uninstall the whole sas system...i cant install it to a new folder.

Does perhaps someone know, whats going on?


Google doenst show much for tkl4sas...

Garnet | Level 18

1) Pay attention to next lines in log you attached:

The error might occur under the following situation:

You used the SAS® Download Manager option Remove duplicate files and save space, which caused the SAS Software depot to become optimized, and
The \VJR\ folder created in the optimized \SAS Software Depot\ that contains these duplicate files is missing or was manually deleted.
To correct the problem, use the SAS Download Manager to download the depot again and do not rename or delete the VJR folder or files in the depot. Install SAS from this depot.

2) Please post what SAS version are you installing? on what OS ?

3) Check your java installation

4) If that doesn't help - ask your sas damin / supplier or maybe someone else in forum can help

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