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Obsidian | Level 7


I am planning to deploy SAS web part for SharePoint.

I have downloaded and installed SAS Integration Technologies Client for Windows and SAS Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint.

I have also uploaded Web Part to SharePoint solution library.

But I'm not able to activate it. Since its not activated, I'm not able to use it at site pages.

I was wondering if some has already done this and can help me with his/her experience.

Thanks in advance!!


Obsidian | Level 7


I have implemented the webpart for SharePoint in our agency and it took awhile to get it working. Make sure you installed the WCF web service and make sure you can call it using http://yourSASApplicationServer/SASWebPartsServices and this is what it looks like

There are limitations on what you can do with the webpart as we scratched the whole project and went with Information Delivery Portal. You can do a lot more with Dashboards and Webreports and Stored processes than you can do with the Sharepoinit Webpart for SAS.


* Also you can you use this link for diagnostics once you have everything working and your webpart is installed in your site collection.

http://YourSharepointWebApp/_Layouts/SAS.Webparts/Diagnostics.aspx  (I am assuming you left the default names and of course you need to change where it says (YourSharepointWebApp) with your Web application on sharepoint where the webpart is. Depending if you are activating the feature to several web apps or not.

The aspx will help you determine where you went wrong and of course looking at your IIS log files on SharePoint and your log files for the web application itself where the webpart needs to be activated.

Here is a shot of what a successful Diagnostics look like.


Hope that helps and good luck.

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