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How to configure library as a Connection to Oralce and/or MS SQL database ins SAS Viya 4 similar to SAS 9.4 (nice and clear way to manage connections and users/groups).

I am not interested in CAS.

found these sources:




Able to connect to Oracle DB using libname statement and able to add resource in the SAS Studio session, see this as a resource in  environment manager contexts, SAS Studio compute context , so the library populates when user (that configured connection) starts SAS Studio Session.


I am trying to configure access using identities option in the Edit Compute Context and add/assign libraries and grant access to these based on  user/groups . I need to have an alias way to give users access to data sources, so the users do not see any DBs login data and manage users access based on groups.


Able to connect as the user that have access to the library in context configuration, but now all other users have SAS Studio compute context failing.


What I am missing; is this "normal" for this environment to be so unstable all this "close/open different browsers" business is a new standard or deployment is bad ?

Thank you.

If I understand your description correctly, after adding a pre-assigned resource in your context definition, users who do not have a credential in the referenced authentication domain are unable to start a compute session with that context, is that correct?

You may wish to engage SAS Technical Support on this, I don't think that's expected behavior.

Greg Wootton | Principal Systems Technical Support Engineer
Obsidian | Level 7
Yes, that is the issue; contacted SAS--first feedback--it should not be this way.
Also is this normal, when one data source is not configured correctly or let say oracle client failed none of the libraries will be loaded? For example, in SAS 9.4 even if there is issue with connection to the one of db's other still get loaded.

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