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Quartz | Level 8

Any recommendations for memory tune up on MIDTIER server? Recently we configured SAS VA Non Distributed and it appears each of SAS Web Application Servers are using lots of memory so out of 66GB it leaves us with 3-4 GB to use.


Again, I am seeking recommendation for MIDTIER - SAS Web Application Servers. I already have good MEMSIZE set up for SAS VA Application server.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @Matt,


have you already came across the "SAS® 9.4 Web Applications: Tuning for Performance and Scalability, Third Edition" ?

You should probably start from this chapter Initial Sizing and Tuning Configuration Options for Deployments and build up from there, with help of the whole document. 


This guide includes every tuning tip that is official from SAS. All of the tips are based on 3 default sizing ( Small, Medium and Large). This being said, a few other tips I can give you:


- Regarding Xms-Xmx-XX:PermSize-XX:MaxPermSize settings of the JVMs, I would advise to stick always to the recommendations from SAS and the selected sizing. Perhaps you can extend a bit the Xms but O would not touch the others. Anyway, if you have never done this before, please align first with SAS Technical Support. Reason: BIgger or smaller limits on JVM might help performance, but you need to be careful, it cal also degrade it A LOT doe to times on setting JVM memory or GC-garbage collection time.


- Sometimes, the SASServer1_1 requires additional memory, if you have enabled the Auditing framwork, because of the audit collection done on WIP. If there is too much data, and no enough Heap size on your JVM, the SASServer1_1 might collapse or take forever to start. If this happens, you can either extend the heap size (Xms, which is not infinite) or clean your audit data ( ).


- SAS Environment Manager is a great tool to analyse the performance of your middle-tier/ Why? Because it keeps track of every single factor of your JVMs. Set and keep an eye of your monitors on EVM, and you will understand much better what is going on behind the scenes.


In short:

  • Have a good overview of your deployment and what loads your environment
  • Monitor its load with SAS Environment Manager and keeping an eye on WIP audit tables.
  • Align with SAS Technical Support for changes on your environment's JVM settings.
Quartz | Level 8

Thank you for the response. Yes I have reviewed SAS® 9.4 Web Applications: Tuning for Performance and Scalability guide and have reviewed the SAS notes as well. Yes, currently working on enabling auditing and EVM monitoring.

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