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Calcite | Level 5

e are facing slow performance on SAS Studio on SAS 9.4 M3. SAS Studio takes about 8 minutes to load when browser cache is cleared. For each JS, CSS, PNG etc file have TTFB (Time to First Byte)//Wait time is around two seconds. SAS Studio take about 8 minutes to load when the cache is cleared. I have attached screenshot from IE developer's tool. We are on Windows Server 2012, the topology includes 1) Metadata Cluster - Three Metadata servers 2) Compute Server and 3) Midtier - primary & secondary.


We hare tried follwing so far wth no luck -

1.Increased RAM from  64 GB. Noticed performance gain by 4 minutes from 12 mins down to 8.5 minutes.
2.I have noticed that TTFB (Time To First Byte) is high(around 2 seconds) for most the files/cookies that are downloaded on client side. In general, the TTFB is high however 2 seconds is not common, usually it should stays in milliseconds.
3.By pass the DNS server by running application directly from the server - We did not see any improvement.
4.Stopped Symantec and IBM BigFix on server- It did not improve performance.
5.Increased heap size on application side– It did not improve performance


I have looked at post, Can you please post the steps you have taken that resolved the issue?


Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @S_Shah,


if you log in with SAS Enterprise Guide (if you have it) or with SAS Management Console, and you try to connect to a SASApp (EG) or to validate the Workspace Server of SASApp (SMC), is it taking less time, or more or less the same? How much time until it connects?


How many SASServerX_1 do you have in your deployment? Only one or more?

How many users?

Do you have same performance with other web applications, such as SASAdmin or SASStoredProcess?


What I would do, if the bottleneck is on the middle tier: 

  • Check SAS Workspace Server connection/spawn speed, as detailed above.
    • If the problem is on the SAS Workspace Server connection/spawn speed, you might need to review your autoexec or sasv9 configuration.
  • Go to SASServer2_1 and SASServer1_1, stop them  and delete the contents (contents, no the folder itself) of work, temp and logs (logs could be worth to archive before deletion).
  • Check and apply Medium or Large deployment settings from: Eventually, you might need even bigger Xms and Xmx on some cases, but this should be proposed by SAS Technical Support. If you increase settings, probably you would need to increase RAM again.
  • Restart SASServer2_1 and SASServer1_1
  • Apply similar checks as you did. First for SASStudio, second for other apps, such as SASStoredProcess.




In case nothing of this helps, there might be a high posibility that the problem could be on your network itself. Then, we could hardly help you, you would need the support from your own IT and, maybe, SAS Technical Suppor might provide you some hints.



Calcite | Level 5


Thank you for your reply -


1) Connection to SAS EG and SMC is very quick. SASApp validation is quick too.

2) The performance issue persist on all the mid-tier applicaitons, however, with SAS Studio is more noticeable than other since it has to download many js, css, png etc file on browser. I think the TTFB should be in millisecond however it is little more than 2 seconds accross all the files, to me this is the problem, however, I am not sure what is causing this delay. Please check attachment

3) We have another installation on Linux with same architecture where we do not face the issue. The issue is cetered arround our Windows Server 2012 platform.

4) We have tried incresing xms and xmx to 8GB, it didn't improve performance.

5) Web server seems to be responding quickly. The index.html loads in miliseconds

6) There are hardly 2-5 users at any given time.

7) There doesn't seem to be any network issue. We have test the applicaiton directly from severs browser.

😎 I have opened track with SAS Tech support sinve more than a month. However, did not get any helpful solution yet. 

9) I have followed the cleanup and SAS server instance restart with xms and xms 20480M as you have recommended. No change in the performance.


Super User

@S_Shah wrote:


Thank you for your reply -


3) We have another installation on Linux with same architecture where we do not face the issue. The issue is cetered arround our Windows Server 2012 platform.


That alone should make you rethink your server strategy. When you already work with a real operating system, why are you using a glorified X-Box?

Calcite | Level 5

Hello KurtBremser,

I agree with your comment, however, its business requirement to have SAS on Windows platform. I believe many of the SAS clients have SAS on Windows who do not have slowness issue like we do. I have posted everything that we have tried, please suggest something that we haven't tried or looked at it yet.


Thank you..

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