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Calcite | Level 5


 I am facing an issue while starting the EVM agent. The architecture is two-tier, so EVM server in on machine A and only Web-server is on machine B (on which EVM agent is not starting up). SSL has been implemented. So, while invoking the agent following error is displayed on the screen: - 

ERROR- "Unable to contact agent: Error sending argument: Unable to connect to PKIX path validation failed: signature check failed, retried 5 times, cmd=agent:getCurrentAgentBundle"


The Wrapper log shows

- - Agent thread running
- - Verifying if agent is running...

And is stuck on above info message.


The agent log shows - 

-- Fail the connection because received certificate is not trusted by keystore: alias=hq

-- could not send plugin status to server, will retry: java.lang.NullPointerException

-- Failed to listen at *:2144: Address already in use (Bind failed). Will retry until up.


The agent on machine A is successfully setup but on machine B is facing error.


Pyrite | Level 9

Hi Anil,


It looks more like SSL issue.


check this sas note for SAS EVM agent start up issue ..





Calcite | Level 5
Yes. Then need to import EVM SSL certificates here.

Thank you Shiva.

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