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Calcite | Level 5

Hi All,

I experience the following problem:

I work on SAS EG. I establish connection with mainframe and then continue working using some files from mainframe.

After a while connection with mainframe gets lost. This is the message I get.

ERROR: Unexpected ERROR from SHRWTSK29 detected by TERMINATE WORK

TASK in "SQL (2)"(8): ERROR: Delete current task.

ERROR: Attempt to communicate with server MYNODE refused by server.

The current request failed.

When I try to establish connection again this is the message I get:

16 %let 5225;

17 options remote=mynode comamid=tcp;

18 OPTIONS compress=yes source2 nomprint;

19 signon mynode authdomain=AV2;

NOTE: A link to MYNODE has been previously established. SIGNON is not necessary.

I try to read the date by clicking on the table, this is the message I get a popup window saying

The open data operation failed. The following error occured.

[ERROR] The connection to the server MYNODE has been lost. The current

request failed. This error may reoccur on subsequent requests

Again trying to establish connection, again it says that I aready have it

Then I do signoff

NOTE: Remote signoff from MYNODE commencing.

ERROR: The connection to server MYNODE has been lost. The current

request failed. This error may reoccur on subsequent requests.

ERROR: Conversation termination; status=2.

NOTE: Remote signoff from MYNODE complete.

And then signon again and I can work further.

This problem occurs very randomly( It will occur twice in a day). Can someone help me why this issue happens and how to resolve it.


I have checked with network team regarding Firewall between SAS EG and Mainframe. Unfortunately there is no firewall.


9.3 M2

EG 5.1

Please help me in finding solution for this problem,



Barite | Level 11

Please check the timing between those events.

- One roout-cause can be network/firewalls related. They are breaking the connection as not seeing anything happening.

  This the SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Application Server Administration Guide Session keep alive setting as seen in 9.4

  Ahhh no Firewall you found that one already.

- Another root-cause can be a killed or abended process at the server side (Mainframe) for some reason. may be out of resources (322 522 S0c4) Try to find information at the mainframe at unix-part in the logging files there or just using SDSF. Sometimes there are limits set causing the process to stop.

  14666 - Controlling time-outs for SAS®9 spawned servers

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