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Fluorite | Level 6

I tried to associate .sas files with sas base rather than Enterprise Guide in SAS 9.4 using the SAS Deployment Manager.


I followed stap 1-4 in chapter 6, subsection 'manage sas file types' in this document:


Step 5 reads:


'The Default Product Changes Summary page opens. The first column, File Extension, lists the file extensions are being updated. The second column, Old Product, shows what application is currently the default product associated with that file type, while the third column, New Product, lists what you have selected as the new default product. Review your selections, using Back to go back and make more changes as needed. When the page describes the changes you want to make, click Next to continue."


This is all true, EXCEPT for the last sentence. There is no 'Next' button. There is a 'Start' button instead. When I click it the blue wheel indicating that Windows is thinking appears and nothing happens for several hours. It seems SAS Deployment Manager is stuck.


It is not entirely stuck: I can click 'back' and 'cancel' and 'help' and they all work just fine, but of course that will not change the file type settings.


How do I make it so that double clicking a .sas file will open it in SAS 9.4 rather than SAS Enterprise Guide?


Thanks in advance.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @VincentvdN,


this might be happening if you do not have admin permissions in your PC or some windows registry keys are locked by the system.


I would rather recommend you to right-click on a SAS code file, but on a different way: click shift-button (I always click the left one), then right click on the SAS code file. You can now select Open With, and you will get a dialog from windows, where you can select the program to open the file. Ensure the box for Always opening the files with that program is checked and you can browse for SAS foundation to open the SAS files.


After that, you should have the change made to open always SAS code files with SAS foundation, instead of SAS EG.

Fluorite | Level 6

Hi JuanS,


Thanks for your reply! However, this makes it worse: when I choose open with SAS 9.4 from the right-click menu he will batch-submit/run the file instead of opening it. But choosing SAS 9.4 in the 'ordinary' right click menu is not so bad of course.

Amethyst | Level 16

Ah @VincentvdN, that one is another one very well known since long time ago.


I would like to recommend you these links:


 Problem Note 45779: Troubleshooting issues related to SAS file-type association in a Windows operating environment


Running SAS under Windows -  Starting SAS



Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks! Yes I had found the second link via google and it helped me to revert the status quo back to what I describe in the original post. I will check out the other two links!

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