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Quartz | Level 8

Hello Friends -


Can anyone please help me with the issue am facing with SAS DI Studio


I have issues started recently while using SAS DI studio.


When am running Jobs  in SAS DI it is disconnecting  from the server after an indefinite  amount of time, But the DI jobs will still run as if the job is still connected to the server and running to completion but never completes. (It constantly spinning for the running job).


Where  should i start checking as part of the troubleshoot process on this issue


Would really appreciate for your help here


Thanks in advance




Super User

Start with your Admin and IT staff for setting related to "time out" or inactivity.

And other intermittent connectivity issues that may be caused by your organization settings.

IT may be able to get diagnostics when a job is running that has this issue and trace back to source.


Unless your machine has actual network connection issues such as dropping connection to internet the settings on the server are the most likely places to have issues. Especially if there was a recent "upgrade" or change in server software.

Quartz | Level 8
Yes recently few months ago it had been upgraded, but not sure exactly when the issue started
In the past when we had timeout issue we had set keepslive parameter and that issue resolved but now this is the new issue.
Quartz | Level 8
So you want me to engage Unix and Network admins related to this time out or disconnect issues to perform a thorough diagnosis on this issue.

This type of problem could have many causes. Diagnosing SAS server logs would be the starting point for trying to find the cause. SAS Tech Support are in the best position to do this for you so I suggest you open a track if you haven't done so already.

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