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Quartz | Level 8

Hi everyone,


We recently upgraded from SAS9.4M3 to SAS9.4M6 . after this upgrade we are receiving SAS content Server backup failed error on all 3 environments (all upgraded). The error is shown below:


A problem occurred  in executing a backup operation. Please check log files for more details.


 Operation name : Backup [2019-05-12T01_00_02]


Operation Status : FAIL


Date Time : 5/12/19 1:00 AM


Environment Details Tier  1 :  Host: Configuration Directory: /sas/install/config/Lev2 This was a scheduled backup.

It is recommended to take another clean backup by running sas-backup after recovering from the error situation.


Run by: sasadm


Got Exception as follows:

 Backup Errors 

                 Error Entry:

                                 Status Code: 314

                                 Name: COMMAND_INTERNAL_ERROR_SCS

                                 Category: CONTENTSERVER

                                 Classification: ERROR

                                 Date and Time Of Error: 2019-05-12T01_00_32

                                 Log Name: ContentServer.log

                                 Log File Location: /sas/install/config/Lev2/Backup/Logs/2019-05-12T01_00_02/backup/ContentServer

                                 Operation Type: backup

                                 Originating Tier: Host: Configuration Directory: /sas/install/config/Lev2

                                 Message: An error occurred while running the content server backup or recovery handler.

                                 Stack Trace: The backup was ended unsuccessfully with some errors. Please check the logs!!!, Received fatal alert:


However, when i check in SAS Management Console I can see a successfully backup status:1.jpg


How can I recreate the issue by just trying to backup the content server?


Please help.





Fluorite | Level 6
The backup successful status in the SAS management console is for the Meta Backup only.

The Deployment backup failure occurred in the content server backup.

rename the backup.journal file and try to execute the deployment backup manually form the server.

Fluorite | Level 6

Renaming the backup.journal file worked!!

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