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Explorer | Level 4
Hello All

Would appreciate if anyone can share or direct where we can get a dump of SAS Server Logs ( Workspace, Batch, Stored process).

Your support would be highly appreciated

Opal | Level 21

The SAS 9.4 Administration Guide is the place to look. This page should be useful to you. SAS server logs are text files written to the SAS install folders on your SAS servers by default.

Explorer | Level 4

Dear SASKiwi


Thank you for your revert, We were looking for around 100 - 200 SAS logs, which we want to use to test for a functionality we are looking to test. 



Best regards

Obsidian | Level 7

SAS Logging can be a strange beast. but it's easy to mod and mantain, except that damned 😄 catalina.out .

SAS 9.4 Logging: Configuration and Programming Reference, Second Edition

Beware: any app (web based, or any kind of service) that can't log at start will not start. Test throughly you modded XML!



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Note that workspace server logs contain only startup and shutdown code by default; everything else is routed to the client. You have to modify the logconfig.xml file to also record user's actions server-side.

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