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Pyrite | Level 9



When I try to renew SAS license on my PC in SAS Deployment Manager, I'm getting the following error message:

"No products are available for renewal on this machine."

I've copied the new license file to C:\ProgramFile\SASHome\Licenses folder. Should I do something more?



Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @Riana,


what SAS products are installed on your PC? SAS Base, EG, ...? It could be that there are no products that require a license.

Also, it is always a good idea to ensure that you run the right SAS Deployment Manager. instead of running it from the start menu, try to go to the directory where SAS is installed (if you have different major versions, you could have more than 1 SAS installed) and run the SAS Deployment Manager from there, and always Run as Administrator.

Pyrite | Level 9


I've SAS EG on my PC. As you suggested I run the SAS DM from where SAS is installed, but I'm still getting the same error message.

Can you please explain a little more what you mean by "...It could be that there are no products that require a license." ?

Super User

If your PC has only EG installed, and SAS itself is installed on a server, then there's nothing on the PC that needs license renewal.

Your SAS administrator needs to renew the license on the server.

Pyrite | Level 9

Thank you KurtBremser for your answer. We have installed SAS applications in Citrix and when I'm trying to renew SAS licenses on server(Win server 2008), I'm getting the same warning. Any idea how can I renew it or what can be the problem?

Amethyst | Level 16

Ah, if you want to renew licenses on the server, you need to run the SAS Deployment Manager (and or the SAS Renewal tool) on the server itself. In this case, the Citrix/client has nothing to do and I think it created a  bit of confussion.

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