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Fluorite | Level 6


I need to reduce the disk utilization is from /sasapp to 85%. Currently, I have reduced it to 88 % . The only way currently I am doing so is deleting the older logs from the WebAppservers but to no avail. Below is the screenshot for your perusal

Can someone suggest possible ways and the commands through which I can reduce the utilization

Thanks in Advance,


Why do you need to reduce disk space utilization to 85%?  

Fluorite | Level 6

else it will keep alerting us stating the utilization has reached beyond 85 %.. Since we have kept that as threshold value


If my understanding is correct then this folder contains mostly SAS software, SAS server logs and possibly metadata backups. In my experience this grows pretty slowly and there is very little of this you can easily remove apart from the logs.


I see you have 100GB allocated to this folder. Why not just increase this to say 120GB? That will make the alert go away.   

Super User

Find all directories called "Logs" (note the capital L).


Our whole EBI Server installation (SAS software and configuration tree) consumes less than 50 GB at the moment. Which parts of SAS have you licensed/installed?


Note that all transient storage (all WORKs) is kept on other volumes, to prevent a showstopper in case of an overflow there.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @ssagar1,


please give a look to the config log sweeper tool, from SAS: and


It will help you to collect most of the log files and to archive them somewhere else (once archived, you can select what you want to keep or delete).


Additionally to this tool, and since I see you use SAS Visual Analytics (because of the autoload folder), I would like to recommend a few more things:


  • on the following folders, you can delete contents every time when you stop all middle tier services:
    • Config/Lev1/Web/WebServer/cacheroot
    • all combinations of NM for Config/Lev1/Web/WebAppServer/SASServerN_M/temp
    • all combinations of NM for Config/Lev1/Web/WebAppServer/SASServerN_M/work
  • If you have EMI framework enabled, you would like to clean/trim the emi-framework datamart tables, from time to time...
  • If you have auditing enabled, you would like to manage your audit tables
  • You probably have a Config/Lev1/Web/Stagging folder, that you will need, only when you rebuild and redeploy applications. Perhaps you can free up some space, but do it only as last ressort.

Also, I would highly recommend you to dive deeper on what folders actually are BIG in your environment, with du -hs /folder/* This will help you to know where you can get some space free.

Obsidian | Level 7

As an addendum to your du command, you will want to sort in to more easily see the biggest consumers:


du -sh /folder/* | sort -rh 


This will list the folders fn decreasing order.  Just keep drilling down to narrow your scope (du -sh /folder/foo/* | sort -rh).

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