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Pyrite | Level 9




This question is related to SAS EG but not programing, then I ask it here 🙂


When I try to open ODS Graphices Designer in SAS EG, I'm getting error(attached file)


What could be the issue?




Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @Riana,


I think you posted your question in the right place 🙂


I see no attachments to your post. Could you please give it a look?


Thanks in advance!


Pyrite | Level 9


Sorry, I got error for attached file. I write it here 🙂



Incompatible Server Error

Server  Version 9.04.01M3P06242015 is incompatible with application build 904200.0.020140723190000_v940m2. SGDesigner will be terminated.


Amethyst | Level 16

No need to be sorry at all. It happens to me all the time.


The log is complaining that your version of SAS in the server is different from the one on your cliente. One is M2 and the other is M3.

(M stands for "Maintenance level")


Could you please verify which one is M2 and M3? 


Generally speaking, SAS clients are backwards compatible (with certain limits and exceptions), but not upwards, Meaning, if your server if M2 and your client is M3, it would be probably supported, but not the other way around.


Anyway, the best practice is to have all your SAS software that is depending on a server, on the same version as the server it will connect to.


The general Matrix of compatibility is this one Unfortunately, ODS is not there, but I expect it just behaves as most of the SAS' java client applications.


Pyrite | Level 9

@JuanS_OCS thanks for your reply.


M3 is version of SAS on server.

But something strange... we have SAS9.4M3 installed on SAS servers. I'm using Citrix Desktop and the version of SAS installed on Citrix server is SAS9.4M3 too but still getting the same error.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @Riana,


I can imagine that some SAS clients on your Citrix server are on a certain Maintenance level, but other applications on another maintenance level, specially if they have been installed separately as standalone. Regarding Citrix, it is a farm of servers, so different clients can be on different Citrix servers, which also allows diferent versions.


On the help of the ODS Graphics Designer you can check the version of that specific client.


For installing the right version, you can use this link:


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It's also a small possibility somebody didn't install it correctly, especially if you did an upgrade at some point.

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