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I am trying to configure a clustered metadata server on 4 nodes. I configure the first node (on machine sasmeta01) as a standard metadata server without any problems. I the configure the second metadata server (on machine sasmeta02) as a "Metadata Server Node" from the plan without any problems, the backup is in the shared file system, if I connect to the MS with SAS MC I can see the 2 nodes and I can validate them without issues.

The problems start when I try to configure the 3rd node (on machine sasmeta03), the deployment wizard fails with the following error in the log

/sas/SASHome/SASFoundation/9.4/misc/base/sasconf/metadatasrv/config/metadatasrv_config.xml:814: ERROR:  Backup of metadata server cluster node sasmeta01 failed.

But if I look in the file system the backup is actually there and it is also visible in the management console as available for restore. I have unconfigured everything, I then configured sasmeta03 as the second node and now the configuration fails if I try to use sasmeta02 as the third node. But sasmeta02 was working ok before. For the sake of it I have deleted again all configurations and tried with sasmeta04 as the second node without errors and sasmeta02 as the third node, same error again.

It looks like the configuration process is not happy about a third node, regardless of the machine.

Os is RHEL 6.6 64 on all machines.

Can anybody help?

Thank You

SAS Employee

Hello Franz -- I see that you have contacted SAS Technical Support about this issue. I understand that the third maintenance release for SAS 9.4, which is scheduled to be out soon, contains a fix. In the meantime, technical support will provide you with the steps to work around the issue.

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