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Calcite | Level 5

hoHi All -

Not sure if this is the proper forum, if not please move.

The following Problem Note has a hot fix listed, but clicking the link doesn't lead to a hot fix.

Is this patch included in a different hot fix?


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SAS Employee

Please contact SAS Tech Support for assistance with your questions about hot fixes.

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SAS Employee

I suggest that you call SAS Tech Support.

I didn't see a reference to a hot fix in the note:  just the reference that the problem is addressed in a later release.

Calcite | Level 5

Hi Donna -

On the hot fix tab, I see this:

A fix for this issue for Base SAS 9.21_M3 is avialable at:

I've clicked the link, but that Problem # doesn't appear on the linked page.

SAS Employee

Please contact SAS Tech Support for assistance with your questions about hot fixes.

SAS Employee

I shared your information with the folks in SAS Tech Support who manage the Hot Fix application.  It is a data driven tool that occassionally makes a mistake Smiley Happy  We appreciate you pointing this out.  The error on the note you mention has been fixed.  The following information was provided by the consultant who corrected the issue:

An incorrect association was made pointing SAS Note 42746 to the SAS Hot Fix download site.  Normally a link from the “Hot Fix tab” within a SAS Note would point directly to the relevant hot fix.  There was no hot fix for 42746 on the hot fix download site, so the link failed to resolve properly and is now being removed.

Hot Fix B25242 is related to, though not specifically addressed by, SAS Note 42746.  Anyone interested in 42746 may find it useful to review the issues addressed in B25242.  “

Thanks for posting this so that we can get this message out to other users.

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