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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi SAS Experts,


Our current SAS env ( SAS EG, SAS DI, SAS OLAP, SAS Infomap, WRS, Portal, Enterprise Miner) is installed in Linux OS. We are planning to upgrade the version and move from Linux to AWS platform. Please share any documentation to refer to perform the migration from one platform to another.


AWS is vast in documentation and what should be considered for migrating the big change(SAS Environment) from Linux to AWS. We need something specific to SAS only.

Opal | Level 21

If you haven't done so already check out the Migration Focus Area:


What OS will you be running on in AWS? If it is not linux then all of your SAS data, catalogs etc. will need to be converted.


My best advice would be to run both platforms in parallel for as long as you need to, so AWS is correctly configured, it can run all of your SAS jobs successfully and you get the same results. Do not underestimate the amount of testing you will need to do as all existing SAS jobs will need to be retested.

SAS Employee

I gave a paper at SAS Global Forum 2018 on this topic.  Here is a link to the paper from last year. 


I am redoing this paper at SAS Global Forum 2019 and can forward you my updated paper if you have questions.


There are some other papers about running SAS in the Public Clouds on this site.


Hope the information helps you out.




Obsidian | Level 7

Thanks for sharing the link. We will look into it and I am also looking forward for your updated paper.

If I have questions on your paper, I will post the question on this thread.

Thanks for helping me out 

Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @ssaha,


in addition to what @MargaretC has shared in her papers and will share in this year's Forum, which gives the best overview you can get at the moment in this regard, my best recommendations for you are very simple and also of main importance:


Before anything else, please get an IT service provider who has good IT knowledge on AWS, who can set proper Network, Security and assess performance as indicated on Margaret's paper. If you can get it, and you have your VPN, your domain controller, your network, you will be fine. If not, your business is sold to risks and most probably frustration.


Also, once you have a good AWS service provider, I suggest you to have a SAS Consultant or especialized SAS partner to do assess and draw the architecture of the system and processes that are adeqcuate for your business and the migration, and to open the communications between SAS and your AWS IT provider, to ensure everyone is in the same page.



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