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Calcite | Level 5



I am attempting to pull out a full list of jobs in flows with the dependencies that exist between them.

Have had a look at SAS metadata glossary but as this is so big I'm not fully sure what I'm looking for to get the dependencies part.


Can anyone help? Has anyone done this before?

Pyrite | Level 9

Hi @cboyle7


I work for a dedicated SAS Partner and we recognize your needs and as such our company has created a Job Monitor that will give real time information on flows, jobs and their dependencies. I provides information on jobs/flows that have completed, are currently running and future scheduled jobs based on information in the metadata and information from LSF. It has a web interface that will provide information on when the job started, how long it is/has been running and also provides information on how the current run time compares to completed runs in the past (of course the latter only when statistics have been collected).


The latest version of our Job Monitor is freely available from GitHub and is shared under the GNU 3 license.

Unfortunately we do not have a video available for the latest version, but you can get an impression of an earlier version of the Job Monitor in this video.


Kind regards,


Calcite | Level 5

Thanks, looks like an interesting tool. Although I do disagree that this would do what I want to.


What I am looking to do is get ALL of the jobs, flows and dependencies in one data set.



Obsidian | Level 7

I think you'll find this code useful. It was one of my first "Metadata-reports" so it probably could be made more elegant, but it'll work.


I'll recommend you to use METABROWSE in the DisplayManager to go explore your Metadata OR use MetaCoda's tools.


Good Luck...



Meteorite | Level 14

Thanks @CHandberg for mentioning Metacoda.


@cboyle7 if you'd like to use the free Metacoda Metadata Explorer within the SAS Management Console to explore/query metadata you can register at our website,


This Metacoda's Metadata Explorer Plug-ins blog post shows the types of SAS metadata queries you can do and you can export the results to .csv. There are many examples provided and you can also email our support team for assistance.


Kind Regards,


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