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Fluorite | Level 6



We are looking for a Lev2 installation on SAS 9.4 M4 to achieve another independent environment. We already have a 9.4 M4 with VA running on a grid of 4 nodes. The target is to use the same hardware/host machine and install another environment on Lev with independent Application server, Mid-tier and VA.


These two environments should be independent of each other but will share same hardware resource.


Can anyone please suggest the technical feasibility and approach for it?



Ved Agrawal

Amethyst | Level 16

 Hello @Ved_Agrawal,


may I ask the purpose for that Lev2 environment? I would initially like to dis-encourage you from that idea if your Lev1 is Production and probably you should ask this question to SAS Technical Support as well, or the person who installed your Lev1 environment.


You want to install another environment together with Production (I believe to understand). While a cheap option, It does not seem to be a good idea on different ways:


  • Insecure: test/development environment will be able to access data from production.
  • Availability: if you apply maintenance/hotfix on Lev1 or Lev2, you need to stop both.
  • Risks: if a change (i.e: maintenance, hotfix, etc) goes wrong, it will go wrong for both Lev1 and Lev1
  • Feasibility: you have a hadoop installation, not sure if it will accept 2 Levels. Never tried and I will never will. But you should ask for an OK answer from SAS Technical Support in this area.
  • Performance and High-Availability: you will reduce performance of your Lev1-Production environment, coming from your Lev2 one.
  • Worst of all, users expectation management: I expect your users could be quickly frustrated and the environment won't match their expectations anymore, with all the deviations from your current environment status, as all the items mentioned above.


I hope it helps. I am not a discourage-r but in this case I think it would help you much more than giving you a Go and explain how you can do it.


Kind regards,


Fluorite | Level 6

The first environment we have is Dev, and we want to have another Non-prod env only (prod run on a separate instance all together).


These two environments are for technical evaluation of product (upgrades/ hotfix etc) and not for business needs. So we want to minimise the cost and use the same licence and hardware.




Ved Agrawal

Amethyst | Level 16

All right, if Production-related concerns are not an issue, then what is left is to ensure the availability of hadoop for a lev2 without conflicts with your Lev1 ones.


It should be possible, but I am not the right person to answer it. You can wait for someone else or ask SAS Technical Support or your SAS representative, they will know how to give you a hand.

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