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One of our users is not able to connect to SASApp in SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Studio. When he tries to expand SASApp, the credentials window pops up again and again. There is no problem with his metadata profile or his connection profile within the application. And he is able to login to the gridnodes using the same credentials without any issues which means there is no problem with the credentials as well. I got these from the ObjectSpawner logs. kcvq209 is the user's id. Could someone help me with this ?


2017-11-13T12:31:59,819 INFO [01446130] :sas - Client connection 1305 closed.
2017-11-13T12:32:19,324 INFO [01446132] :sas - Some code points did not transcode.
2017-11-13T12:32:19,324 INFO [01446132] :sas - Unknown User Name.
2017-11-13T12:32:19,324 INFO [01446132] :sas - Access denied.
2017-11-13T12:32:19,324 WARN [01446132] :sas - New client connection (1325) rejected from server port 8591 for user kcvq209. Peer IP address and port are [::ffff:]:63844 for APPNAME=SAS Enterprise Guide.

SAS Employee



Yes, I can help but please do the following:


  • Enable sasauth-debug as described in this SAS note
  • Add this logger to /<SASConfig>/Lev<X>/ObjectSpawner/logconfig.xml
    <logger name="Audit.Authentication">
    <level value="Trace"/>
  • Restart the object spawner
  • Repeat the problem and show me sasauth-debug as well as the object spawner log
Obsidian | Level 7



Thanks for your response.


here is the sasauth-debug


  1? proc permtest; run;

Authentication Test

Enter userid:


Enter password:


NOTE: Access denied.

ERROR: Access denied.Authentication failed.


NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.

NOTE: PROCEDURE PERMTEST used (Total process time):

      real time           9.06 seconds

      cpu time            0.01 seconds



We tried to add the logger that you gave to logconfig.xml of ObjectSpawner.

But when I tried to restart the object spawner from RTM, it failed. So I removed this logger and restarted it after which it worked. Just FYI. I'll look into the object spawner trace level logging issue later Smiley Happy


Could you please tell me what the next steps are with respect to sasauth-debug?

SAS Employee


Thanks, but this is SAS log with an output from "proc permtest". sasauth-debug log should be created in the /tmp folder.

Obsidian | Level 7



Sorry about that 🙂 I have attached the sasauth-debug.log


The problematic id is kcvq209

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @Sangavi,


the great note provided by @alexal helped here to filter your problem. According to the logs, the problem comes in the PAM authentication. Your Linux system admins should look into how this user was registered within PAM.

Obsidian | Level 7

Thank you @JuanS_OCS and @alexal


The issue got resolved after resetting the user's password.


He had Swedish characters in his password which did not get authenticated.

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