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Fluorite | Level 6

Just installed brand new SAS 9.3 on my Window 7 machine. When I right click on my SAS program (.sas file) and select to open with SAS 9.3 it DOES NOT open in SAS 9.3.  All it says is "Insufficient authorization to access C:\Windows\system32\program.log".  If I double click on the code (.sas file) it runs a Batch and produces the SAS output but does not open SAS completely.

If I open SAS first and simply open the program from within SAS it opens fine.
But I should just be able to click on a program and have it open.
Why is it doing this?
How can I fix this?


Anyone experience this issue?



Amethyst | Level 16



have you already tried what this SAS Note recommends?

Jade | Level 19

@JuanS_OCS: I think an unwanted trailing blank makes your link less functional.

Amethyst | Level 16

Thanks for that @FreelanceReinh!


The link is now fixed

Jade | Level 19

Hi @Elise8305,


I would recommend to associate .sas files with the SAS Universal Viewer rather than SAS itself. Oftentimes you'll want to just quickly open an old program to look up or to copy something, which doesn't require a whole new SAS session to start up. Even Notepad would be sufficient for that, but the SAS Universal Viewer has the advantage of syntax highlighting.

Fluorite | Level 6

My employer was able to fix my system but I am not sure what they did to get it working.


Thanks for your responses!


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