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Calcite | Level 5

Hi Experts,


I am not able to configure the Deplyment Backup and Recovery Tool in my SAS 9.4 M3 Installation on Linux box. We have cluster of 3 Nodes for Metadata, 4 Mid Tier nodes and a single compute tier. During the SDW configuration, we provided the nfs location for Metadata backups and that is working fine. We also provided the BackupVault location during the Mid_tier installation as required by SDW and gave the physical path. SDW creates a folder under Lev1 called "Backup" and it keeps all the script and other files there. But in my installation, I cant find this Lev1/Backup folder at all in any of the servers. BackupVault folder is there but it is blank. I can see the Component under Configuration Manager plugin in SMC and it also shows the Lev1/Backup folder location set for variable. I dont know whats happening here. Can someone help me? I need to configure and start the backup asap.





Amethyst | Level 16



First, an intro would be a good idea, the Backup and Recovery tool requires:

1. to have deployed your SAS Deployment Agent in all your SAS hosts/nodes, since the Agents are responsible to "execute remote code" 

2. To have started and fully working your Middle tier since it is a web application

3. All the machines should be able to see each other, specially from and to your Central Backup Vault

4. The configuration files should have the correct values (and no typos or incorrect/invisible characters, most of them created by copy and paste)


Keeping this in mind, I would advise to:

- check if all steps described above are OK

- run your backup

- locate and read your logs


If with this you cannot find your answer, SAS Technical Support can help to pin-point you intro the right path to follow.



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