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Hi currently we are using SAS Viya 3.4 and we need to assign dynamically roles to users according to the roles and groups getting from the LDAP and then how to integrate these users with SAS DataSets in CAS lib in Visual Analytics to give permission to reports based on there roles and group.


Currently, we are using row-level grant in Visual Analytics and through code as followed below: -


cas mysession;

proc cas;

accessControl.updSomeAcsTable /










cas mysession terminate;



Is there a way where we could integrate LDAP roles along with row-level filters in SAS Visual Analytics.

@StuartRogers @DavidStern 

i have gone through your blogs may be you are the right person for this query

SAS Employee

Hello @sagarmandal931,


Did the response I wrote to your same question on the blog help?  For others the response was:

... I'd encourage you to look at the post "Examples of row-level security in SAS Viya" by my colleague David Stern. Where he walks through applying row-level security using LDAP groups. Also I would recommend reviewing the documentation for Identity-Based Substitution and the example to set a dynamic row-level filter.


Thank you for your time.


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