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Fluorite | Level 6
Install sas Viya in OCP/kubernetes namespace or any shared kubernetes cluster.

By looking at Cluster Requirements for Red Hat OpenShift I cannot find any details if Sas Viya can be installed on a shared OCP cluster on a specific namespace/project (I assume does because OCP/kubernetes is to hold multiple apps and not a single app but not sure about this product since is not providing details or diagram around it).

I do assume that SAS Viya is an app that does run on OCP but I do not see any info that does point to a dedicated OCP cluster (if is dedicated is like a bare metal install and defy the purposes of a kubernetes cluster install).

Does anyone have experience on how is sas viya working in a kubernetes cluster and if does work on a shared cluster split by projects/namespaces.

Any help around it would help, this is not meant toward OCP only but any kubernetes flavor that does support multi app-platform deployments.
Opal | Level 21

Have you checked out the Viya 4 Github sites like this one?



Fluorite | Level 6
Yes, but this is just default playbooks for deploying sas Viya 4 … i just look for a simple diagram and if can coexist with other apps on a shared kubernetes cluster (leveraging namespaces) … all info I do get is contradiction with my experience with kube in general like that requires a sole dedicated cluster per requirements and nowhere can be found those requirements …
Fluorite | Level 6
And based on statements below does point that can be installed on a namespace and based on my knowledge that does mean on shared kubernetes cluster but looking for official doc or some design pointing to that, here is some conflicting with CAS nodes (is that meaning dedicated nodes for CAS or does mean is just a simple CAS pod that is an Viya node and not a kubernetes worker node:
Deploy the SAS Viya Platform

Retrieve the deployment assets using SAS Viya Orders CLI
Retrieve cloud configuration from tfstate (if using a SAS Viya 4 IaC project)
Run the kustomize process and deploy the SAS Viya platform
Create affinity rules such that processes are targeted to appropriately labeled nodes
Create pod disruption budgets for each service such that cluster maintenance will not let the last instance of a service go down (during a node maintenance operation, for example)
Use kustomize to mount user private (home) directories and data directories on CAS nodes and on compute server instances
Deploy SAS Viya Monitoring for Kubernetes
Deploy MPP or SMP CAS servers
Manage SAS Viya Platform Deployments

Organize and persist configuration for any number of SAS Viya platform deployments across namespaces, clusters, or cloud providers.
Opal | Level 21

Here's the main official doc for Viya 4 Operations including requirements and installation. Viya 4 is still pretty new so there are not many Community users with firsthand experience, including me...


Fluorite | Level 6
This statement does provide me the answer that is in a shared cluster:

For each installation, you should assess the level of isolation that is required for the SAS Viya platform from other applications in the cluster.

So the statements provided to me that is required dedicated kubernetes cluster is incorrect and can be installed into namespaces side by side with other platforms in a large kubernetes cluster with dedicated resources needed for CAS server: SAS also recommends that you dedicate at least one node to CAS by labeling and tainting a node in the worker machine config pool.

Thank you for official documentation.

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