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Obsidian | Level 7

Dear Friends,

I tried more than 15 times to install SAS 9.2 in Linux CentOS but NOPE Smiley Sad,  Please need your inputs and help ASAP

I created sassrv user for sas linux installation and JRE, JDK, JBOSS i was installed.

Getting ERROR in Stage 3 Configure Metadata kindly help us.

I'm attaching the log files here please have a look.


Suman Kanamarlapudi

SAS Employee

CentOS is not a supported Linux OS for SAS-- official support is limited to RHEL or SUSE distributions. If you'd like to continue to try on CentOS, it looks like you are missing some required software as part of the install: Metadata deployment failed because the following required product was not installed: SAS Intelligence Platform Object Framework.

You may need to check your order and plan file to make sure you have everything covered.

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Diane,

Thank you so much for the information, And can you please share any of the links which can say SAS 9.2 is not supported for Linux Cent OS.

Because I got one link it says it support Smiley Sad

Best Regards,

Suman K

Super User

Your link says he managed with the Cnetos 5.3 version. If yours is different results may vary.

I would also say that some managing to work through errors and installing is not the same as "Supported".


To add to Ballardw, even if you are able to install OK, there is no guarantee you won't strike incompatibility problems later.

SAS Tech Support will only be able to give you limited support - would your management be happy with this situation?

SAS Employee

Here is SAS official documentation: In there, it lists the following:

SAS is supported on the following operation systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4,5, and 6
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, 10, and 11

Posts in the Community do not constitute official documentation. Smiley Happy

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