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Obsidian | Level 7

Hello guys,


The client wants to move business data network to another server. How can i get all the data i have created in BDN to the new BDN application on the new server.


P.S.: The client have BDN 3.2 and around 100k terms, so the export and import terms functionality is not an option.


Thank you in advance

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @smicha,



You might want to read this document, from the User's Guide:


It explains everything 🙂


Otherwise, you might want to use SAS Migration Utility, but I think it is a cleaner migration to use the export an import.

Question, why is it not an option, to use the export and import? Not one by one, but you can bulk-export and import.

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi @JuanS_OCS,


Exporting and importing is not an option cause it will take ages to export and import 100k terms. 

As for the documentation you adviced me to read i have already did and it is talking about migrating from Business Data Network module of DataFlux Web Studio 2.4 to SAS Business Data Network 3.1. So it's deprecated. 

I wanna move my BDN 3.2 from server 1 to BDN 3.2 in server 2.


I have read also about BRT but i can't be sure that this tool will backup and recover the BDN data. Cause in its' documentation says nothing about the DataManagement Data Server which is the postgres server in which BDN stores it's data.


Would it work to backup and restore the postgres using pg_dumpall.


Thanks again for your time.

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