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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello All,


I am newbie in sas.


Environment: SAS VA 8.3 


Requirement: User with 'Dashboard Report Viewer' custom group should not update/create reports.  Need to restrict View Report Only.

Existing : The user with above custom group is able to create/update/view reports and view data sources.


Attached screen shots for reference.







Quartz | Level 8

You can assign viewer privileges to the users. Go to SAS management console, select users, groups and roles there. You will find a role for visual analytics viewers. You can assign only this role to the user.


You can go through different capabilities and create a custom role as well.


Additionally, you can control access at reports folder level as well from VA Administration section. There, you can give read only access for the report folder to a role/group and same role/group can be assigned to users. 


Hope this will be helpful. Feel free to comment in case of any further queries.

Fluorite | Level 6



Thanks for the reply.


Additionally, you can control access at reports folder level as well from VA Administration section.

--> This we did already by selecting the folder/report and using edit authorization.


Can you please suggest how to know the roles attached to the 'Dashboard report Viewer Group and how to modify the same..




Quartz | Level 8
Please open SAS management console. From there, you can see all roles and their capabilities. You can create custom roles as well, according to your requirements.
Fluorite | Level 6
Let me rephrase my question.. I want to know the screen, where the roles and Custom group are linked.. Thanks.
Opal | Level 21

@afzalbaig  - Unfortunately @manishiiita has given you advice which applies to VA 7.x not VA 8.3. SAS Management Console isn't available under SAS Viya, the platform VA 8.3 runs on. Unfortunately we don't have VA 8.3 so I'd only be able to help by searching documentation.


I suggest you start reading up on the Viya documentation regarding administration:


Environment Manager could be where you set up user permissions.

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