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Obsidian | Level 7

I am a SAS Administrator.  A user created a distributed report.  He is out of the office.  I would like to have the latest version of the report sent to his distribution list.  I have not figured out how to do this.  I can see the report in Schedule Manager.  When I right-click on the report and select Schedule flow, it prompts me for a User ID and Password.  None of my SAS administrator credentials work.  It just keeps prompting me after I enter credentials.  After I cancel entering credentials, I get the error "Unable to connect to the scheduling server 'SAS Distributed In-Process Services Scheduling Server'.

As an administrator, I'm sure there is a way to do this. 

How can I modify the distribution of a report created by another user?

Thank you!

Jerry Black

Opal | Level 21

Check to see if you are are member of the metadata group: Job Execution - Job Administrator. If not try adding this group to yourself.

Obsidian | Level 7

Thank you for the suggestion!

My account is a member of the SAS Administrators group.  It was not a member of the Job Execution : Job Administrator group.  So I added SAS Administrators to that group.  When I try Schedule Flow, it prompts me for my password.  But doesn't accept it.  It just keeps prompting me.  I have tried this connected as sasadm@saspw and I get the same behavior.

It is odd that the report that I am trying to schedule, is one that I created the distribution for.  There are some reports that I didn't create the distribution that have this behavior.  There are some others that allow me to Schedule them.  The ones that I am allowed to schedule don't have a default user ID displayed.  The ones that I get the error with default to the user ID of the connection I am using in Management Console.  In this case the password is filled with black circles.



Opal | Level 21

We don't use the SAS Distributed In-Process Services Scheduling Server so I'm not really able to offer much more in the way of advice. We use Platform Process Manager, but one thing worth checking is we need to add the Domain in front of the user name when logging in: DomainName\UserName. This probably only applies if you are running on Windows.


I'd suggest opening a track with SAS Tech Support as you will likely get a faster response.

Calcite | Level 5


Did you manage to solve your problem ? If so, how did you do ?

I have the same error and I can't figure-out how to solve it.



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