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Obsidian | Level 7

Dear All,


We are getting error while updating hostname and IP address through SAS Deployment Manger(Launch SDM on Unix via X server).


Unable to update with 'Perform DNS Lookup' it throws error. Can you please advice on this?


Can you help me to update hostname manually with grep command in unix. Is there any way we can scan only config file where hostname exit and replace it with new hostname and ignore all the logs.

SAS Employee

You have the option during the SDM prompts to disable the lookup:

Perform DNS lookup
For a given host machine, different files and metadata in your deployment might contain different forms of the host name, including the fully qualified name, the short name, and the IP address. If you are cloning one or more servers to a new machine, then you can select Perform DNS lookup option, which accesses the Domain Name System to determine all of the forms of each host name.
If the name of an existing host machine (or network domain name) has changed, then you must deselect Perform DNS lookup. The Domain Name System does not contain information about machine names or network domains that no longer exist.
Obsidian | Level 7



Thanks for the quick reply. 


Acutally we are cloning the old server and creating the new server. We have copied all the config file from old server to new server and updating the hostname and IP address that's why we are using DNS lookup. Its throws error.

Obsidian | Level 7



After run the Update Host Name References tool without DNS lookup, we can some files (.xml .properties) hostname not get updated. Can we update these files manually?

SAS Employee

it depends on what the file is - certainly anything covered in the manual steps

"Step 9: Complete the Required Manual Steps

In addition to listing the files and metadata profiles that were updated, the ChangeHostName_date-and-time.html report provides instructions for steps to be performed manually."
from the doc link above, is safe. Other files might represent something that was supposed to have been fixed by the changehost tool and didn't match for whatever reason (no short hostname given,  the domain didn't match, not using all hosts in the environment on each machine, etc) - and you may need other things besides those loose files fixed. I'd open a tech support track with what you're seeing to get a definitive answer for any specific cases. 
SAS Employee
Hmm, I probably would have taken a SMU of the current server and done a fresh install/config on the new server over a clone/hostname change.
Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @David_paul ,


if you are in control of the inventory of hostnames and aliases (short and fqdns), and you can map the old to the new ones, as @dpage said, I would definitely disable the automatic DNS lookup.


I have done hundreds of migrations and I have to honestly say, the lookup bothers more than helps.


Regards, Juan

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