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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi there, wondering if anyone has played much with the HPENG component?

I am looking to leverage our two (largely idle overnight) other servers in our cluster to see if I can get some more performance out of our very large HPENG generation during the quiet hours.

We currently only run it on one physical server, but I wanted to confirm if this is restriction by license as I see in our file:

SAS High-Performance Entity and Network Generation Non-Distributed Mode


Non-distributed to me, suggests that this would only be allowable on a single machine, but would the PROC show some type of warning if I was to test say scaling out to 2 more machines with 24 CPU cores onboard each? Or would it still do it and put me in breach of our license.

I already have in place fast shared storage between the machines - enterprise flash appliance, and each machine has a good amount of memory (1TB RAM apiece)

Just trying to figure out if it is worth investigating the option now, or will have to park it pending next round of licensing renewal as paperwork is never any fun part of the renew 😄


Fluorite | Level 6

Replying to myself here - but it looks like HPENG across multiple physical hosts is way beyond just setting a couple of switches/options statements.

Appears to be dependent on:

having MMP based .sas code files from SAS - which we don't have

SAS Grid - appears to be a pointer within the HPENG code that tells it what hosts to run on via a var/macro

Distributed database system hosting the data - such as Hadoop.


Guess I am out of luck for testing it without a significant re-architecture of our existing platform sadly.

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