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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 woo
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hello, we have SAS 9.4 m6 (Linux 7). metadata server, mid-tier server, grid control server and some worker nodes.

We have users allowed to login into all worker nodes and they can run the job (not that good design - I discussed this in one of my other question - thanks). When I login into any specific worker node and if run sas job with sas command (like sas or bsub jobs using same server to run and its not being distributed across worker node (so this is drawback I believe).


do we need to write some sort of os script so that whenever users runs job from any worker node (x, y, z) with (sas or bsub command), job distributed across different worker node?  Thank you.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @woo ,


you basically need to enable your SAS jobs to be splited, or to use DS2 data step procedures, to enable parallel executions, then Grid can distribute workload.


Does it answe your question?

SAS Employee

Other users have created a script named 'sas' that calls the SAS Grid Manager Command Line Utility (sasgsub) under the covers to submit the job to the grid and wait for it to process the file. The user types 'sas' and a grid job is created, the program is run in batch in the grid, and the results returned.


This works good unless they know how to get to the real SAS. Once they figure that out they will use it.


'bsub' will submit a job to run the program ''. Not sure what will happen there - probably fail since '' is not an executable program.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 woo
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Thanks Juan/Doug. To be more clear,


so this is the program I have on os side (on one of worker node - linux)

data test;




I log in as user and run it with either "sas" or "bsub" 


when I run job with sas ("sas" command is pointed to ".../SASFoundation/9.4/sas) from any of worker node (example server5) , job executes on same server only since its running locally (same way bsub as well). users are aware of this functionality and all users login into all different worker nodes and execute batch jobs that way so jobs are using local resources only and not being distributed across different worker nodes.


my question is, any way to redirect this jobs across different servers? because we can't control users executing job this way.







SAS Employee
My response is the same.
1) For 'sas' you have to provide a new 'sas' command that processes the job on the grid using sasgsub.
2) For 'bsub' nothing will work. The format of the bsub command is 'bsub <cmd>'. Since '' is not a command, nothing will be done. Also, using Platform Suite for SAS, bsub jobs only run for 30 seconds.
Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @woo ,



there is, yes. Please give a look to the first link I posted. signon and rsummit are your friends here.


In addition, have you defined Queues in LSF and Grid Option Sets in the SAS metadata? This is another way to manage the workload of the machines, based on Client that launches the process, timeframes, the Application Server involved, etc.



Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 woo
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Thank you for explaining.


we have not setup grid options set or specific queue yet, we might need to do that as well...additionally,


when I, as user run below command, it is asking for metadata password, where I believe there are some missing parameter or file update,


.../Lev1/Applications/SASGridManagerClientUtility/9.4/sasgsub -gridsubmitpgm

SAS Grid Manager Client Utility Version 9.46 (build date: Nov  7 2018)

Please enter the metadata password:
 ERROR: Access denied.
 ERROR: Access denied.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 woo
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

also, if run job with bsub command, can't find the log.  


Job <826> is submitted to default queue <normal>.

$bhist -l 826

Job <826>, User <xyz>, Project <default>, Command <>
Thu Mar 21 16:39:22: Submitted from host <>, to Queue <n
                     ormal>, CWD <$HOME>;
Thu Mar 21 16:39:23: Dispatched 1 Task(s) on Host(s) <>,
                      Allocated 1 Slot(s) on Host(s) <>,
                      Effective RES_REQ <select[type == local] order[r15s:pg] >
Thu Mar 21 16:39:23: Starting (Pid 214681);
Thu Mar 21 16:39:23: Running with execution home </home/userid>, Execution CWD
                     </home/userid>, Execution Pid <12345>;
Thu Mar 21 16:39:23: Exited with exit code 127. The CPU time used is 0.1 seconds;
Thu Mar 21 16:39:23: Completed <exit>;

Summary of time in seconds spent in various states by  Thu Mar 21 16:39:23
  1        0        0        0        0        0        1



SAS Employee

You are running into 2 problems:


  1. The usage of bsub is "bsub <command_to_run>". When you run "bsub", you are trying to execute the command "" which is not a command. You would need something like
    1. "bsub <path>/<to>/<SASHOME>/sas".
  2. The grid does not know where is located. You need to place the SAS program somewhere that every grid node can access and then use the full path. The command then becomes 
    1. "bsub <path>/<to>/<sas>/sas <path>/<to>/<shared_directory>/"


Or you can just use SASGSUB which knows how to run SAS programs on the grid and will transport the SAS program to and from the grid. You would run "sasgsub -gridsubmitpgm"


If SASGSUB is installed, it is located in <config>/<LevX>/Applications/SASGridManagerClientUtility/9.4/sasgsub

Obsidian | Level 7



have a look at .../Lev1/Applications/SASGridManagerClientUtility/9.4/sasgsub.cfg.

The SASGSUB is asking for the password for th metadata user defined in this file (it was defined during installation process).


If you want to use another user, you have to specify more SASGSUB options, e.g. METAUSER, METAPASS.


It is a little bit tricky to get the grid starting, also you should have a look on the config files of LSF. If you haven't definded hostgroups, queues and the usage of the host's of LSF then the Jobs can't be distributed (because LSF maybe don't know that it could distribute to other Hosts). 


If you have a look to the LSF config without access to the config files you can use LSF commands (prerequisite is that the profile.lsf is sourced in the session).


- bhosts -w >> shows the host's available

- bmgroup -rw >> shows defined hostgroups

- bqueues -l normal >> shows the config of the queue "normal"


Good look!


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