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Fluorite | Level 6 mpg
Fluorite | Level 6

I see that an end user can specify their own initial screen in Viya. Is it possible for an administrator to globally set an initial screen for all users other than SAS Drive?

Obsidian | Level 7

Yes, you can change but you need to create a New Theme in theme manager with administrative privilege, where you can change the report theme and Application theme. 


Select the Application Theme and change the  Initial Screen setting and transition screen settings as per your requirements (like colours and Animations etc.) leave the other settings as default.  Then save it and published the theme. 


Then go back to the screen where all Themes are listed there you can see the New Created Theme there, select it and on the top right-hand side you can see small icons There is one icon with a circle and tick mark inside it (Which is set Default). 


I am able to change the initial screen and transition settings for all users this way. Please let me know if it works for you.


Thank You 

Kindly regards 

Suraj Saini 

Fluorite | Level 6 mpg
Fluorite | Level 6

I see the option when creating a new application theme to set the "initial loading screen," but this appears to be about the animation when a page is initially loading. Instead, what I am hoping to do is set the screen/application with Viya that the user sees when they login (i.e. SAS Drive vs. Report Viewer). Am I missing something?

Obsidian | Level 7

For that just go to the right-top where is your 1.Profile Pic click on it then select settings 2. Select SAS Drive and initial screen then you can change the 3. set initial screen settings as per your requirements.   As you can see in the pic below.Solution1.PNG

SAS Employee
I've seen a few requests like this to give SAS administrators the ability to set some defaults for new users. There is a fairly reasonable chance this isn't currently possible. I'd suggest raising a SAS Technical Support track and ask for a feature request to be submitted to introduce this capability into the application. Raising this through the tracks system will allow the track owner to capture all your site details to include it with the feature request.
Fluorite | Level 6

On Linux:

1. Edit

2. Comment
#RedirectMatch ^/$ /SASDrive

3. Add yours, eg: a VA report
RedirectMatch ^/$ /link/resources/report?uri=/reports/reports/xxxxxxxxxxxxx

4.Save file

5. Restart httpd
sudo systemctl restart httpd


Now you can use your server or alias address to go directly to a report

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