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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Sort of a simple issue but has us puzzled a bot.  WIN OS single server, SAS Studio install no metadata etc. Dir. structure and sub folders accessible via WIN File Explorer w/o any issue yet it is not true when accessing the same path/structure via SAS Studio.  Any insight is appreciated.




Super User
How are you trying to access it via SAS Studio? Other files in other directories work fine?
Is case sensitivity an issue?
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

TY Reeza and Tom,


Install is SAS Studio Basic on WIN 2012 R2 machine.  A group of users have no issue accessing the SAS Studio via web browser and using the Server Files and Folders > Folder Shortcuts 


  1. Can see all other folder in that path but cannot navigate to any other user's folder nor any sub folder under own folder, can do in file explorer
  2. Among 12 users, this is only one with issue
  3. Could login from laptop using a chrome web browser.  Just could not access folder.

By the way do you know where does folder shortcut is set (default value) I have looked in all autoexec and cfg files and do not see it (mostly empty).


Thank you in advance,



Meteorite | Level 14

Regarding the following

By the way do you know where does folder shortcut is set (default value)
I have looked in all autoexec and cfg files and do not see it (mostly empty).

the following link provides the details. Typically a single install SAS Server has a metadata server and SAS management console. 

If this does not apply in your case, then SAS Tech Support may be the best place to reach out to.

Super User Tom
Super User

If you are using SAS/Studio to connect to SAS running on the same machine then use the Files and Folders tab in SAS/Studio user interface to look for the files.


If might be that Windows explorer is using some plug-in/Windows specific feature to let you browse things as if they were files on a disk that aren't really files on a disk.  Like a objects stored in a SharePoint site for example.

SAS Employee
SAS Studio configuration options are in a file inside the WAR folder. Go to the SAS Studio support site here:
Select Documentation. Then select the appropriate version of SAS Studio and click on the link to the Help Center. On the left, open the Administrator's Guide. There is a section on Configuration properties.
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi All, in the end it was the case of nested AD group membership.  Once appropriate membership was restored, it worked.  Voila.  Apparently whoever was giving the lookup answer did not know how to read membership info.  (sigh!)


Sorry about wasting your time.

Meteorite | Level 14

Thanks for the reply.
You have enlightened us with your experience.

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