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Fluorite | Level 6

Whenever I am launching sas enterprise guide it pops up a message that ' This version will expire on 1 Dec 2020' but when I checked the same through Proc setinit; run; command it says that sas eg license will expire on 29 Dec 2020 . So what does that Pop up message is about ? Does that mean my SAS enterprise guide wont work after 01 Dec 2020 ?

SAS Employee

Hey @Samrat07 ,


this has to do with the end of life for older versions of EG - see this SAS note:

Can you confirm that you have an EG version prior to 6.1 M1?


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Fluorite | Level 6
Yes, it is 4.2 version , so does that mean my SAS EG will stop working after 01 Dec 2020 and I wont be able to open the tool ? Do I have to update the same ?
SAS Employee
The tool will stop working. You should update SAS EG, the best way to go about this is to contact SAS Technical Support as it is suggested in the SAS Note linked above.
Super User

Version 4.2 of EG was introduced with SAS 9.2 in 2009 (see here). It is also not certified for any Windows version currently supported by MS. The recent version of SAS (9.4M7) is delivered with EG 7.15 and 8.3 in the SAS depot, so you install it from there.

If your server-side installation is still on 9.2, then STRONGLY urge your SAS administrators to update that to the recent version ASAP. The improvements to the software in between are more than just numerous.

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