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Calcite | Level 5

SAS Documentation on Enterprise Manager Repository Tables appears to be incomplete; there appears to be no data dictionary for the Tables within ACM, ART, and KIT.  I am most specifically interested in getting a description of the columns in ACM.HOSTPLATFORMS and ART.ARTIFACTUSAGEDETAILS.  I know these tables contain metrics on system utilization but there is no documentation on what each fields actually represents and what unit of measure is employed.  Some are more obvious than others -- I have to believe someone has documented these tables.  Any help greatly appreciated.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @LewG007,


I think the information is there, although I agree you need to trace it back a little bit.


On the SAS Environment Manager Users Guide, you can find information of the tables, their meaining, and the columns, although not much information at the column level:


In other hand, you have documentation on all the reports generated by the ACM, APM, Audit, Datamart, Events/Alerts, etc, etc:


On the reports for the Datamart, I can see:

  • Data Mart ACM Listing: Data Mart ACM Listing of Tables, Attributes and Variables
  • Data Mart Artifact Listing:  Data Mart Artifact Listing of Tables, Attributes and Variables
  • Data Mart Proc Contents Full Listing: Data Mart Contents Listing


Those reports should be able to provide you with more information.


Please let us know if this information helped you.


Best regards,







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