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Quartz | Level 8

Hi everyone,

I am finding an alternative of SAS/IntrNet product and found STP could be best option. 

Few things to understand, as per help Example :: SAS(R) 9.3 Stored Processes: Developer's Guide , we need to update ACTION= which needs to map with sas stored process server, and value of program should be mapped with stored process which we need to create on metadata. This sample example works fine as a part of testing. 

But the problem is, on existing SASWEB setup, there are 1000 or don't know more than html/sas programs involved and calling sasweb/cgi-bin/broker.exe with SASWEB(SAS/IntrNet).


Is there any way we can replace it easily and map the sas program without creating into metadata. Looks like as below example, we always have to call sas program (or we can say STP). 

  1. <p>Select a region in order to display shoe sales data for that 
    region by subsidiary and style.  This sample program uses ODS and 
    the TABULATE procedure.</p>
    <FORM ACTION="http://myserver:8080/SASStoredProcess/do">
       NAME="_PROGRAM" VALUE="/Converted Samples/Regional Shoe Sales">
    <b>Select a region:</b>  <SELECT NAME="regionname">
    <OPTION VALUE="Africa">Africa
    <OPTION VALUE="Asia">Asia
    <OPTION VALUE="Central America/Caribbean">Central America/Caribbean
    <OPTION VALUE="Eastern Europe">Eastern Europe
    <OPTION VALUE="Middle East">Middle East
    <OPTION VALUE="Pacific">Pacific
    <OPTION VALUE="South America">South America
    <OPTION VALUE="United States">United States
    <OPTION VALUE="Western Europe">Western Europe
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

Hi @kumarsandip975 

The Stored Process by design is tightly coupled with  the SAS Metadata Server, because you can integrate and run STPs (Stored Processes) from within various Client Apps provided by the SAS EBI/BI (Enterprise Business Intelligence) Platform. Therefore having the correct metadata associated with STPs, allows for greater authorization/access control.

Having said that, STPs are old school now, there are no more development being done for EBI/BI, and in SAS 9.4 M8 (Latest release), Few of the EBI components were deprecated/retired

SAS Viya Job Execution Web App are the latest and greatest replacements for Stored Processes and the Prompting Framework from the SAS 9.4 era.


If dealing with metadata is not your thing, and you are trying to avoid it all together!! then SASjs Server might be your alternative!? Have a chat with @AllanBowe he can guide you through it.


Hope this helps,


Tourmaline | Level 20

If you don't want to register it by hand, there is a Java metadata API available, so you could automate the process:

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