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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi All, Any reference documents you have to on how to perform a CI/CD in a Viya 4 Deployment in a cloud environment?



SAS Employee

The best is probably to start from the official documentation : 

You can find links in there to a manual CI/CD update or using the Deployment Operator.



Hey there,


That's a great question. SAS does provide some significant tools to help with the CI/CD deployment and management of SAS software in your environment. Many of them are hosted in Github at


To get started with provisioning resources in your cloud provider of choice, check out the IaC project (Infrastructure as Code):

- Amazon: 

- Azure: 

- Google: 


And then, once you've gotten to the place where you have resources, we also provide automation to deploy SAS Viya:

- viya4-deployment: 


We even offer a python-based set of scripting tools to extend the ability to administer your SAS Viya environment:

- pyViyaTools: 


And I'm just getting started. The sassoftware channel on Github is home to numerous projects which will come in handy for the day-to-day operations of SAS Viya. 



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Barite | Level 11

What is it you're looking to deploy?


If it's mainly SAS code (eg data engineering or data science projects), or SAS-Powered Web Apps, the SASjs framework (disclaimer - built by my team) could be a good fit.  These tools are free to use, open source, comprehensive, and work across Viya 4 / Viya 3.5 / SAS 9 EBI and even Foundation SAS.


On the Viya side they make use of the REST APIs and a client/secret pair to handle all connections to SAS.  It allows your developers to work locally, in a GIT repository and their preferred IDE, to compile / build / deploy projects to SAS.


Being terminal based, everything is possible as part of a CI/CD pipeline / action / runner.


Some videos here:

An explainer here:


Some additional 'goodies' from using the framework:


* An opinionated structure for SAS projects - easily migrate developers from one project to anther

* A linter to automatically quality check SAS code during a git pre-commit or server build

* Ability to run jobs, job flows, web services, manage viya folders etc

* Self-documenting jobs / services / tests (uses Doxygen)

* An integrated TESTING framework





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