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Calcite | Level 5 Y_S
Calcite | Level 5

For getting the Audit trail details of SAS datasets, followed the below steps :

1/ Back up the SAS Config folder

2/ Run "emi_init.bat -i"

3/ Run "apm_init.bat --hostAlias"

4/ Run

5/ Restart OLAP, Object Spawner & Metadata Services

6/ Update "levRoot" in E:\SAS\Config\Lev1\Web\SASEnvironmentManager\emi-framework\Conf\log_definitions.json

7/ Run "emi_init.bat --enable APM"

8/ Configure APM ETL Processing in Environment Manager console (:7080).

There's a script to manually run the APM job to populate the tables:

<Config>\Lev1\Web\SASEnvironmentManager\emi-framework\bin\master_apm_etl.bat - executed the same

All the expected datasets were populated except below 2:




Can anyone help me understand what should be done to get mentioned datasets populated.


SAS Employee

In many cases, the absence of tables or data in the set of Environment Manager data sets is due to there not being corresponding activity.  

ARTIFACT.AUDITACCESSCONTROLDETAIL tracks activity related to modifying access control information in metadata.  If no such activity has occurred, it wouldn't be surprising for this data set to be missing.  Similarly, AUDIT.AUDITIM is intended to capture Information Map activity (or at least it was in earlier versions).


Did you receive any errors when you attempted to run emi_init or master_apm_etl scripts?


If you *did* receive errors, or you continue to have an empty ARTIFACT.AUDITACCESSCONTROLDETAIL data set after access control info is modified in your environment (and the subsequent EV APM job is run by hand or automatically overnight), it would be good to give Tech Support a call to investigate further.

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