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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello All,


Currrently we are using  SAS 9.4 M2 and VA 7.2 without https,now we are planning to do Version Upgrdation to SAS 9.4 M3 and VA 7.3 along with https,anyone suggest me how we can proceed on this.

Is there any way that we can complete SSL and Port number change during Version Upgrdation Process itself?


Amethyst | Level 16



unfortunately there is no way as the one you mention, but:


1- You can do the update manually as described on and additionally on


2- Another option is that you execute a migration of the environment, then you configure a new deployment on which you can tell the SAS Deplyment Wizard that you want to use HTTPS and the new port (still, you will require to do the post-configuration steps as on the second link above ).


I would definetely go for the first option, and I recommend you not to skip the validation steps or additional links on the documents.


Best regards,


Obsidian | Level 7

as @JuanS_OCS mentioned you have to rebuild the web server and redeploy the apps . While congifuring SSL may not be challenging, the Root CA who issued the Cert should be present in your SAS Private java environment. If not , the installation will fail. 


You need to import the Root into SAS Private java environemnt using keytool before you configure the web server.



Sai Korrapati

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