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Fluorite | Level 6

I am working on UIP from 9.4 M7 to 9.4 M8 on Linux 7.9 environment. The installation was successful, when it comes to the configuration step, the connection to the metadata server keeps failing using the sasadm@saspw user. sasauth.conf is set use PAM Authenticaion, I've also added the openssl lib to the path. I've already opened a case for this, but it is moving really slow. If any of you faced this issue or have some ideas, I would really appreciate it.


2024-02-28T14:36:39,045 INFO [00000032] 2:sas - Client connection 2 for user sasadm@saspw closed.
2024-02-28T14:36:39,045 DEBUG [00000032] 2:sas - SecurityTokenDestroy: calling bkTokenDestroy(a0acd080)
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - SecurityThreadSetIdentity [ENTER]: 7fe256f30c00 provider:1
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - Create Authenticated Token
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - Client connection id: 4
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 DEBUG [00000035] :sas - User/Pass authentication for user sasadm@saspw
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - User: sasadm, domain: saspw
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - Domain match found
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - Calling auth provider(3)...
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - Internal account provider called for user sasadm
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - Provider domain: saspw
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - Validating incoming internal user: sasadm
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - IOM CALL {compRef:7fe29404d4c0}->OMI::InternalAuthentication():
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 TRACE [00000035] :sas - PUBLIC Credential obtained for <ANONYMOUS>. This is normal during internal authentication.
2024-02-28T14:37:55,153 DEBUG [00000035] :sas - GetCookie: Task CONTEXT 0000002F getting cookie number 16.
2024-02-28T14:37:56,164 DEBUG [00000035] :sas - PutCookie: Task CONTEXT 0000002F returning cookie number 16.
2024-02-28T14:37:56,164 TRACE [00000035] :sas - IOM RETURN 0={compRef:7fe29404d4c0}->OMI::InternalAuthentication():
2024-02-28T14:37:56,164 DEBUG [00000035] :sas - Provider failed: 80bfd100
2024-02-28T14:37:56,164 DEBUG [00000035] :sas - SecurityTokenDestroy: calling bkTokenDestroy(a0acd080)
2024-02-28T14:37:56,165 TRACE [00000035] :sas - SecurityThreadSetIdentity [EXIT]: 7fe256f30c00 status=0x80bfd100
2024-02-28T14:37:56,165 WARN [00000035] :sas - New client connection (4) rejected from server port 8561 for user sasadm@saspw. Peer IP address and port are []:59458 for APPNAME=ConnectionService 904800.
2024-02-28T14:37:56,165 INFO [00000035] :sas - Client connection 4 closed.




I think you need to use an OS account for configuration, not a SAS metadata account. The SAS install account is a good choice.

Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks for your reply. So, I am using sasadm@saspw which is an internal account. I tried your suggestion and used sas user which is the OS account, it still gives the same error "Unable to connect to a SAS Metadata Server with the specified connection information"


In that case I suggest you open a Tech Support track for your problem. I'm assuming that your metadata server has all services running.

Fluorite | Level 6

Yes, A Track has already been opened and have been told that this is an isolated issue and no one has reported so far. I will update this thread when we have found a solution.

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