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Tuesday, August 15, 2023
SAS Essentials Series (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Code) This is a three-part series. Each part may be taken individually or as a package. SAS Essentials is a three-part instructor-led course that provides a thorough introduction to the basics of SAS programming, including DATA steps, PROC steps, and the Output Delivery System. In these classes we focus entirely on coding, providing a fundamental education in how SAS thinks and unlocking the power to use the incredible versatility of SAS code.   SAS Essentials I - DATA Steps and Data Manipulation July 18  |  $150/person ($25/students) SAS Essentials I focuses on DATA step programming. Together we'll walk through the fundamental building blocks of a SAS program with a deep dive into data manipulation, including SAS libraries, conditional processing, functions, and more.    SAS Essentials II - PROC Steps and Basic Reporting August 1  |  $150/person ($25/students) SAS Essentials II will feature a showcase of the most common reporting procedures, including MEANS, FREQ, PRINT, TABULATE, and REPORT. We'll also walk through the Output Delivery System and how it can be used to build professional reports the easy way.   SAS Essentials III - Intro to Intermediate Topics August 15  |  $150/person ($25/students) With the fundamentals under our belt, SAS Essentials III will show you tips and techniques for improving your SAS code exponentially with a brief introduction to tools like SQL, Arrays, Macros, and much more. Register Now   Take SAS Essentials for free with a WUSS 2023 scholarship! Scholarships are available for students, faculty, and early career professionals to help cover costs to attend WUSS 2023. Scholarship winners will also get to attend SAS Essentials for free! Apply today!
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