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WUSS Virtual: Mastering Oncology Studies: A Comprehensive Guide for Programmers & Biostatisticians

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Compared to other therapeutic studies, oncology studies are generally complex and difficult for programmers and statisticians. There is more to understand and to know such as different clinical study types, specific data collection points and analysis. In this seminar, programmers and statisticians will learn oncology specific knowledge in clinical studies and will understand a holistic view of oncology studies from data collection, CDISC datasets, and analysis. Programmers and statisticians will also find out what makes oncology studies unique and learn how to lead oncology study projects effectively.

The seminar will cover four different sub types and their response criteria guidelines. The first sub type, Solid Tumor study, usually follows RECIST (Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumor). The second sub type, Immunotherapy study, usually follows irRC (immune-related Response Criteria). The third sub type, Lymphoma study, usually follows Cheson. Lastly, Leukemia studies follow study specific guidelines (e.g., IWCLL for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). The seminar will show how to use response criteria guidelines for data collections and response evaluation.


Programmers and statisticians will learn how to create SDTM tumor specific datasets (RS, TU, TR), what SDTM domains are used for certain data collection, and what Controlled Terminology (e.g., CR, PR, SD, PD, NE) will be applied. They will also learn how to create Time-to-Event ADaM datasets from SDTM domains and how to use ADaM datasets to derive efficacy analysis (e.g., OS, PFS, TTP, ORR, DFS) and Kaplan Meier Curves using SAS Procedures such as PROC LIFETEST and PHREG.


Finally, programmers and statistician will understand how to build end-to-end standards driven oncology studies from protocol, study sub-types, response criteria, data collection, SDTM, ADaM to analysis.


Presented by Kevin Lee



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Fri, Jul 12, 2024 01:00 PM EDT
Fri, Jul 12, 2024 05:00 PM EDT
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