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WUSS: Basic Python Programming Seminar

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The Western Users of SAS® Software (WUSS) is a non-profit  organization that exists to support local SAS® software users groups within the western region.  


While we won’t be returning to our normal in-person conference format for 2021, there will be many opportunities to be a part of the WUSS community this year.  We are planning a variety of virtual content and networking events for later in the year, so please check back here often for more information.  In addition, WUSS is sponsoring a series of online training classes hosted by industry experts throughout the remainder of 2021 and into next year.


Registration is now open for Kevin Lee's Python Programming Seminar – Basics for Statistical Programmers and Statisticians


Agenda for the seminar: Python Programming Seminar – Basics

  • Introduction to Python for statistical programmers and statisticians
  • Jupyter Notebook (Python programming platform) download and implementation
  • Python Variables Type: Number, String, Lists, Dictionaries, Arrays, Data Frames
  • Simple variable manipulation – If & For statements
  • Python Function development and comparison with SAS Macro
  • Import external Modules/Functions
  • Reading and writing external data (excel, SAS datasets, Images)
  • Data manipulation using Python
  • Introduction of NumPy and Array
  • Introduction of Pandas and DataFrame: DataFrame vs SAS datasets
  • Basic data manipulation – merge, sort, variables drop/addition
  • Create SDTM DM dataset using SAS raw datasets

Please click here to view the lineup of online training classes and register!

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Fri, Sep 17, 2021 10:00 AM EDT
Fri, Sep 17, 2021 02:00 PM EDT