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PhilaSUG presents: From Muggles to Macros: Transfiguring Your SAS Programs

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PhilaSUG presents: From Muggles to Macros: Transfiguring Your SAS® Programs With Dynamic, Data-Driven Wizardry


The SAS macro facility is an amazing tool for creating dynamic, flexible, reusable programs that automatically adapt to change. This presentation uses examples to demonstrate how to transform static "muggle" code full of hardcodes and data dependencies by adding macro language magic to create data-driven programming logic. Cast a vanishing spell on data dependencies and let the macro facility write your SAS code for you!


Presented by:

Josh Horstman is an independent statistical programming consultant and trainer based in Indianapolis with over 25 years of experience using SAS, primarily in the life sciences industry. Josh is a SAS Certified Advanced Programmer who loves coding and presenting at SAS user group conferences and other industry events. Josh also enjoys travelling and hiking with his family and has been to 47 states and 28 national parks.


Richann Watson is an independent statistical programmer and CDISC consultant based in Ohio who loves to code and is very active in the SAS User Group community. When Richann is not busy coding or volunteering in the SAS User Group community, she is spending time with her family and cute but psycho puppy, Loki, or doing some of her favorite crafts such as crocheting or sewing.


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