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DCSUG Virtual Meeting with Kirk Paul Lafler

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Google® Search for SAS® Users    - Kirk Paul Lafler

Google ( is the world’s most popular and widely-used search engine.  As the premier search tool on the Internet today, SAS® users frequently need to identify and locate SAS content wherever and in whatever form it resides. Topics include learning how Google search works by illustrating relevant search examples, tips, and techniques for finding content of interest, including examples, reference works, information tools, directories, PDFs, images, SAS communities and user groups announcements / examples / solutions, current news stories, and various techniques on how you can quickly and easily improve / optimize your Google searches to satisfy your every need.

 Tutorial with examples   Length: 50 minutes

Presenter Bio

Kirk Paul Lafler is a consultant, developer, programmer, educator, and data scientist; and teaches SAS Programming and Data Management in the Statistics Department at San Diego State University. Kirk also provides project-based consulting and programming services to client organizations in a variety of industries including healthcare, life sciences, and business; and teaches “virtual” and “live” SAS, SQL, Python, Database Management Systems (DBMS) technologies (e.g., Oracle, SQL-Server, Teradata, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS), Excel, R, cloud-based technologies as well as other software and tools. Currently, Kirk serves as the Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) Executive Committee (EC) Open-Source Advocate and Coordinator and is actively involved with several proprietary and open-source software, DBMS, machine learning, cloud-computing user groups and conference committees. Kirk is the author of several books including the popular PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS, Third Edition (SAS Press. 2019), along with other technical books and publications. He is also an Invited speaker, educator, keynote, and leader; and is the recipient of 28 “Best” contributed paper, hands-on workshop (HOW), and poster awards.

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