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You have signed up for this years edition but now you are wondering what the jury is expecting from your paper?

Well, first of all you will receive a MS-Word-template which you have to use. It comes with detailed instructions.

Once you have finished your paper make sure you did the following steps before you submit:


1) convert your finished paper in a pdf-file

2) create an anonymized version that contains only your team name (not the university nor your names), and don't forget to delete 

     any data in the "Acknowledgment"-section that would give hints who you are. This is the version the jury will receive

3) convert that also in the pdf-format

4) submit both papers to


You will receive a mail if your paper has been accepted, and also information how to claim your digital badge from Credly.


We thought it might be useful to have examples from the last edition, so please find attached the papers from the 2023 winning teams.


So: have fun and work hard 😁


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