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I want to be able to paste a list of values into a list object, drop down, etc.  Any object that is primarily used to filter on multiple values in a discreet value manner, I wan't to be able to paste a list of values into.

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Hi there,


To confirm our understanding of what you're requesting, are you wanting to paste a list of values for use by the author (list of choices) or consumer (to make choices)? Can you provide an example?

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I have a filter in a dashboard that has the category "Dealer Name" assigned to it.  
I have thousands of dealer names to pick from in that list.

If I know my list of 5 or 10 dealers ahead of time, I can paste a list (like copy paste from a column in Excel) directly into the filter object so I don't have to scroll through thousands of options in that list.


Another thing that would help with this is if filters could be narrowed down multiple times without clearing previous selections.


When I filter in Excel, I can search within a column for what I am looking for, within the filter dropdown, this helps me avoid having to scroll through hundreds or thousands of options to apply a filter.  When I see the narrowed down result I want, I check the box, then I can type in a new quick search to narrow down the list in the filter, and check a 2nd box.  In Excel, both the first box and 2nd box remain checked and the filtered results reflect both selections.  VA (I'm using 7.5) doesn't have this capability and if I try to use a parameter on a text object to filter down my list object values, if I change the text object value passing thru the parameter, then any selected box from the list object will be cleared out.

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Thanks for this example, it's great context. In a future release, we're planning filters that can be narrowed down multiple times without clearing multiple selections. There are various designs we're considering - this explanation is helpful.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration