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When I create a report in SAS VA 6.3 with information about telephone calls and I want to put an extra drop down list next to the drop down list "Selecteer categorie" I cannot put the new drop down list next to "selecteer categorie" immediately (see figure 1). I first have to put it on top of the page, see figure 2 (create a new line above "selecteer categorie" or put it somewhere below selecteer categorie) and then I can add it next to "selecteer categorie" (see figure 3)


figure 1:



figure 2:


Figure 3:



So my idea for further development is to create something that allows us to put new drop down lists next to existing one's immediately (see figure 1)

SAS Employee

In fact, I don't think there should be a reserved space at all for the controls- you should be able to add these anywhere on the dashboard, controlled by adding in containers.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented

This is available in newer versions of the software, at least in SAS Visual Analytics 7.4, and VA 8+.