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Calcite | Level 5

What is the best practice to organize data objects in VA for re-use of shared data objects ? Is there a 3 tier or layered architecture or best practice?

The objective is to define once and reuse the same definition across multiple reports / analyses. I need to understand what good/best practice there is to 

- map facts & dimensions from a non SAS DW Kimball star schema to a SAS Object model

- Define Business Terms on top of the imported facts and dimensions

- Define KPIs, Derived KPIs  using Aggregate functions and summarization rules (SUM, AVG...) on top of the base facts 

- Define custom dimensions not found in the DW

- Reuse these definitions in reports 


something along the lines of my illustration below ?



What I want to avoid is individual reports with different definitions of KPIs, Derived KPIs, Custom Dimensions

Can anyone help with documentation and SAS vocabulary so it is easy to explain to my fellow developers?

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